Latest Polls Show Clinton And Trump Up Big In Pennsylvania Ahead Of Tuesday’s Primary

Ahead of next Tuesday’s primary races in five northeastern states, frontrunners Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are up big in a latest poll in Pennsylvania, a state with a large delegate count on the Democratic side.

The Franklin and Marshall College poll of registered voters in Pennsylvania released yesterday shows Clinton is up big with 58 percent to 31 percent over Sanders among likely voters while Trump leads with 40 percent compared Cruz’s 26 percent and Kasich’s 24 percent.

Another Monmouth poll released on Wednesday shows Clinton has 52 percent ahead of Sanders’ 39 percent in Pennsylvania with the largest lead coming among polled women.

“After her win in New York this week, these numbers in nearby Pennsylvania suggest that the entire northeast is looking good for the Clinton campaign” said Patrick Murray, Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Pennsylvania stands out among the other northeastern states with the highest delegate count on the Democratic side at 189 followed by Maryland with 95 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday.

On the Republican side, there are 17 delegates available in Pennsylvania.

In Maryland, Clinton leads Sanders by 25 points, gaining 57 percent to Sander’s 32 percent, according to the latest Monmouth poll released yesterday.

Maryland has 95 Democratic delegates up for grabs and 38 Republican delegates.

-written by: Johnathan Schweitzer

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