New York Primary Preview; Clinton and Trump Ahead In Polls

Today New York will be holding primaries today for Democratic and Republican races where 247 delegates are up for grabs with Democrats and 95 with Republicans.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, Trump leads Ted Cruz by a margin of 54 percent to 21 percent in New York.

A RealClear Politics average of all recent polls shows Clinton with a 12 point lead in the Empire State which is home to Wall Street and is a major international financial center.

Sanders is campaigning largely on a platform to start a political “revolution” by adopting an anti-capitalist platform while advocating for breaking up large banks, raising taxes, imposing a universal single payer healthcare system, and providing free college tuition for all Americans funded by a Wall Street financial tax.

Some groups such as the Committee For a Responsible Budget have serious issues with Sanders’ numbers and claim they don’t add up.

Check back later this evening for the primary results.

For further analysis and commentary, check out my You Tube video.

-Johnathan Schweitzer




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