Clinton And Trump Capture Big Primary Wins In New York; Solidifying Their Frontrunner Status

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the declared winners in their New York primary races on Tuesday.

Clinton and Trump won by strong margins in New York and gained a large share of delegates to solidify their frontrunner status and capture much needed momentum to boost their chances of gaining the nomination during their conventions later in the summer.

Clinton told her enthusiastic New York supporters on Tuesday evening that a home win in New York was “personal” to her.

“Today you proved again that there’s no place like home” Clinton said.

“New Yorkers, you have always had my back and I’ve always tried to have yours” Clinton added.

Clinton struck a conciliatory note to supporters of Bernie Sanders.

“And to all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there’s much more that unites us than divides us” Clinton said.

With 98 percent reporting, Clinton leads with 57.9 percent to Sanders 42.1 percent.

So far Clinton has 135 delegates in New York to Sanders’ 104 delegates among the 247 delegates up for grabs, according to the Associated Press.

Sanders said on the campaign trail that the primary in New York was a “must win” for him to have any chance of erasing Clinton’s wide delegate lead.

Mathematically speaking, it is not looking promising for the self-described Democratic socialist from Vermont to catch up to Clinton in terms of total delegates.

He needed a big upset in New York on Tuesday to have an outside chance of coming from behind and wasn’t able to accomplish that goal.

Clinton now has 1,893 total delegates to Sanders’ 1,180, marking a lead of 713 delegates.

In terms of pledged delegates, as of  tonight 1:15 a.m. EST, Clinton has 1,424 delegates to 1,149 for Sanders.

Those numbers are not final with the delegate count and will change some between now and when 100 percent is reached.

Republican Primary Results

With 98 percent reporting in New York, Trump won easily and leads with 60 percent to John Kasich’s 25.2 percent and Ted Cruz’s 14.9 percent.

Trump has gained at least 89 delegates so far tonight of the 95 total delegates that were available in New York, pushing his lead to 845 compared to Ted Cruz’s 559.

Kasich trails behind in third with 147 delegates after gaining 2 delegates in New York.

Overall, Trump leads Ted Cruz right now by 286 delegates.

There are 1,237 delegates needed to gain the Republican nomination or else the likelihood increases for a contested Republican convention.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday evening a big thank you display board to New Yorkers for supporting him and said that he loves them.

What’s Coming Ahead With Primaries

On April 26th 5 U.S. states in the northeast (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island) will hold nominating contests with 384 combined delegates up for grabs in those states on the Democratic side. Pennsylvania has the largest delegate count among that list with 189 delegates available.

Current polls show that Clinton has a large lead in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

On the Republican side, there will be a combined 118 delegates up for grabs on April 26th in those same 5 northeast states.

Maryland holds the largest primary delegate number among the 5 northeast states with 38 delegates.

There won’t be any large delegate rich states like New York  during the upcoming primaries in May.

There are approximately 4-5 states holding primaries for Democratic and Republican primary races in May but none of those states have over 100 delegates available in each state.

However, on June 7th in California there will be 475 delegates up for grabs on the Democratic side and 172 on the Republican side.

California will be an important primary race to pay attention to down the road in June.

Clinton currently leads Sanders in the latest California polls.

For further analysis and commentary, check out my new unedited and unscripted You Tube video about the latest New York Primary results and what’s coming up.

Written By: Johnathan Schweitzer






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