Final Wisconsin Primary Results; Cruz and Sanders Win

The final Wisconsin primary results show Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz won in the Badger state at a pivotal stage when momentum is building in their campaigns and more wins are needed for these two underdog candidates to stay competitive in future primary contests.

The final delegate count shows Ted Cruz won 36 delegates in Wisconsin to 6 delegates for Trump.

John Kasich didn’t win any delegates.

Cruz won by 48.2 percent in Wisconsin to Trump’s 35.1 percent.

John Kasich captured 14.1 percent.

Total Republican Delegate Count

Overall Trump leads in the delegate count with 743 delegates.

Cruz has 517 and Kasich has 143.

There are 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination.

The next Republican Primary contest is April 19th in the state of New York where 95 delegates are up for grabs followed by April 26th when 5 U.S. states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania) in the northeast representing 118 Republican delegates pick candidates.

Democratic Delegate Count

Bernie Sanders won 48 delegates in Wisconsin.

Clinton was only 10 behind and picked up 38 delegates.

Sanders won with 56.6 percent compared to 43.1 percent for Clinton.

Total Democratic Delegate Count

Clinton leads and has 1,280 total pledged delegates to 1,030 for Sanders.

If Super Delegates are included, Clinton’s lead grows stronger with 1,749 to 1,061 for Sanders.

There are 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

The next Democratic Primary contests occur on April 9th in Wyoming where 14 delegates will decide which candidate to support and then later on April 19th in the state of New York where 247 delegates are available.

On April 26th there will be 5 U.S. primary contests in northeast U.S. states  (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania) representing 384 total Democratic delegates.

*Correction- My last post this morning incorrectly listed the interview with Bernie Sanders occurring by the editorial staff from the New York Post but it was corrected shortly later to show it was with the editorial staff at the New York Daily News. My apologies.



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