Sanders Wins In Alaska And Washington, Gains Momentum As Democratic Race Moves East

Bernie Sanders won in at least 2 out of 3 western states on Saturday in the Democratic nomination caucuses as he builds momentum out west and attempts to lure more delegates away from Hilary Clinton who leads overall in the Democratic race.

Sanders won in Alaska and Washington on Saturday while the results for Hawaii are still not yet available.

According to the Associated Press, Sanders won in Alaska where he captured 13 of the 16 delegates.

Sanders also won in Washington where 101 delegates were up for grabs.

With 93 percent reporting as of 10:15 Eastern Standard Time, Sanders has 23 delegates to 8 for Clinton in Washington state.

The final updated delegate count will be posted here later along with the final results for Hawaii which has 25 delegates at stake.

The current overall pledged delegate count shows Clinton with a lead of 1,234 to 985 for Sanders.

Adding Super delegates boosts Clinton’s lead to 1,703 to Sanders’ 985.

There are 2,383 delegates needed for the nomination.

The Super delegates could change their allegiance between now and July 25-28th during the Democratic convention in Philadelphia but so far Clinton has 469 Super delegates to 29 for Sanders.

To overtake Clinton in the delegate count, Sanders will need to keep building momentum, win 75 percent of the remaining delegates, and hope that a good portion of the Super delegates change their allegiances and side with him.

Upcoming Democratic Primaries

The next Democratic primary will occur in Wisconsin on April 5th with 86 delegates up for grabs followed by Wyoming on April 9th which has 14 delegates.

New York will hold a Democratic primary on April 19th with 247 delegates at stake.

Clinton is favored in New York where she has established political ties and served as U.S. senator in the state.

On April 26th five northeastern states will hold Democratic primaries including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania with a combined 384 delegates choosing sides.

In May there will another 228 combined delegates weighing in between 4 U.S. states including Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oregon.

Seven U.S. states will hold Democratic primaries in June where a combined 714 delegates will chose sides.

California has the large delegate count with 475 delegates weighing in on June 7th.

On Saturday, Sanders thanked Washington voters on twitter for his win and said that his campaign has the momentum.


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