Clinton and Trump Pick Up More Delegates; Trump Tweets Obama Should Leave Cuban Baseball Game And Return Home

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump extended their delegate leads during Tuesday’s primary nominating contests and won in Arizona, a western state which had the most delegates up for grabs, while Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz both won in Utah.

Sanders also picked up a win in Idaho.

On Tuesday Trump gained 58 delegates in Arizona while Clinton captured 75.

Here are the latest pledged delegate numbers:

Clinton has 1,214 to Sanders 901.

Those pledged delegate numbers are subject to change slightly until the final delegate numbers are posted in Utah and Idaho.

Adding in Super Delegates bumps the total to 1,681 for Clinton to Sanders’ 927, according to the AP in the latest count.

There are 2,383 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination.

Democratic candidates will face another contest on Saturday March 26th in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii which has 142 delegates up for grabs; 101 delegates will come from Washington state alone.

Republicans candidates will have to wait until April 5th for the primary in Wisconsin where 42 delegates are available.

On April 19th New York will have their Republican primary election where 95 delegates are up for grabs.

Overall,  Donald Trump has slightly increased his delegate lead on Tuesday over Cruz and Kasich.

Trump has 739. Cruz is in second with 465 and Kasich has 143.

There are 1,237 delegates needed for nomination otherwise a brokered convention is more likely to occur. 944 delegates are still available.

Donald Trump Doubles Down On Temporary Muslim Ban And Says Obama Should Stop Watching Cuban Baseball 

Following the news on Tuesday about the terror attacks in Brussels that claimed 31 lives and injured 230, Trump double downed on his call for a temporary Muslim ban and criticized Obama on Twitter, saying he leave the country which hasn’t seen a U.S. president visit in a century, and he should immediately leave the baseball game he was watching in Cuba and get home to Washington where a POTUS under a serious emergency belongs!

Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he supports a temporary ban on Muslims arriving in the U.S. and wants to take steps to strengthen the U.S. border.

Although water boarding is a banned torture practice in the U.S. and runs counter to the Geneva Convention, Trump wants to bring it back and go a step further with tougher torture techniques against terror suspects.

Even though Europe experienced a terror train attack in Madrid in 2004 that killed 192 and London was the victim of a terror attack that killed 56, Trump said on Tuesday that Brussels is “just the beginning.”

Both Hilary Clinton and Ted Cruz support taking tougher surveillance measures in the Muslim community to prevent future terror attacks.

Here’s my You Tube video covering the U.S. primary results and Brussels terror attack.

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