Final Primary Results From Tuesday Including Updated Delegate Count

The final results from Super Tuesday have arrived and reveal Clinton and Trump widening their leads as Republican candidate Marco Rubio suspended his candidacy.

Here are the Final Primary results from Tuesday:

Democratic Race

Clinton won in 5 out of 5 states including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois.

Clinton ended up winning in Missouri in a close race although earlier on Tuesday when the last results were published here, she was trailing Sanders in Missouri.

Final Breakdown:

Clinton has 1,561 total delegates- 1,094 pledged delegates and 467 Super Delegates

Sanders has 800 total delegates- 774 pledged delegates and 26 Super Delegates

2,383 delegates are needed for nomination.

Republican Race

Trump won in 4 out of 5 states including  Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri.

John Kasich won in Ohio, his home state.

Final Breakdown:

Trump has 621 total delegates

Cruz has 396

John Kasich has 138

1,237 delegates are needed for nomination.

Next Primary Races

March 22nd

Republican-Arizona (58) and Utah (40)

Democratic- Arizona (75) and Utah (33), and Idaho (23)

March 26

Democratic- Alaska (16), Hawaii (25), Washington (101)

-John Schweitzer





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