Clinton and Trump Extend Their Leads, Pick Up Momentum Towards Nomination

Hilary Clinton had a strong night during the primary elections on Super Tuesday winning in 4 out of 5 U.S. states, expanding her lead over Bernie Sanders while Republican Billionaire Donald Trump gained momentum and also won in 4 out of 5 states but lost to John Kasich in Ohio.

Republican candidate Marco Rubio decided to suspend his campaign after losing to Trump in Florida.

Clinton pulled off big wins in Florida and Ohio, winner take all states with 357 delegates up for grabs.

Sanders is currently leading in Missouri with 92 percent reporting, according to the Associated Press.

Here is the breakdown as of 1:57 a.m. EST

Clinton widened her lead over Sanders and won in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina.

She also leads in Illinois with 86 percent reporting, according to the Associated Press.

Democratic Breakdown

Clinton has 1,559 delegates to Sanders’ 800. There are 2,383 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Total pledged delegates show Clinton with  1,092 to Sanders’ 774. There are 467 Super delegates with Clinton compared to Sanders’ 26.

During Clinton’s acceptance rally on Tuesday night, she emphasized that our next U.S. president has to bring our country together so that we can all share in the promise of America.

“We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls” Clinton said.

“We are not going to succeed by dividing this country between us and them” Clinton added.

Clinton admitted that “this is not just about Donald Trump” and said that “everyone” has to do their part.

Republican Breakdown

Trump increased his lead over Ted Cruz on Super Tuesday and won in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. Trump leads in Missouri as well with 93 percent reporting.

Here’s the current delegate count:

Trump leads with 621 delegates to Cruz’s 396 and Kasich’s 138.

For further information and to see what lies ahead for the U.S. primary elections in the next 30 days, watch my You Tube video.

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