Trump Supporters Clash With Protestors In Chicago Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary

Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Chicago faced a major speed bump after fighting broke out between supporters and protestors on Friday, resulting in the brash Republican presidential candidate postponing his scheduled campaign event at the University of Illinois in Chicago ahead of Tuesday’s primary in Illinois.

Trump told Fox News later on Friday that if he had continued with the rally, it would not have been a good situation.

Calling the move “intelligent”, Trump said that postponing the rally was “a very good decision…..a wise decision.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton weighed in and tweeted that “Violence has no place in American politics” and continued, “We should use our words and deeds to bring Americans together.”

Clinton’s statement:

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich tweeted a statement on the Chicago violence that admitted the “seeds of division that Donald Trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit, and it was ugly.”

Kasich urged people to reject those who try to divide us for personal gain.

Kasich’s full statement.

Although Trump referred to himself as a unifer of his party at a CNN sponsored debate with other Republican nominees in Florida on Thursday night, the latest hostile incident in Chicago reveals that Trump’s populist appeal may have some limitations, especially in large urban cities like Chicago which has a diverse population that rejects the tone of Trump’s presidential campaign often filled with insults, smears, calls for deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, making Mexico pay for a 1,933 mile border wall, and banning Muslims.

During a campaign rally in Las Vegas on February 22nd, Trump said that he would like to punch a protestor in the face.

Last fall, a Black Lives Matter protestor was kicked and punched by Trump supporters attending a rally.

Trump sounded like a mafia boss the following day when he said about the Black Lives protestor, “Maybe he should have been roughed up.”

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