Sanders Wins In Michigan; Trump is Victorious In 3 States, Review Of Tuesday’s Primary Results

Primary election results on Tuesday show that Donald Trump won in 3 states and increased his delegate lead over his rivals while Bernie Sanders pulled off a win in Michigan and remains optimistic despite trailing Clinton by a large margin with the delegate count.

Trump won in Hawaii, Mississippi, and Michigan, a Midwest state where his anti-free trade message resonates with autoworkers.

Ted Cruz was victorious in Idaho and took second place in all of the other states.

On Tuesday Donald Trump gained 59 delegates. Cruz followed closely behind with 44. Kasich picked up 17 delegates in Michigan. Rubio didn’t gain any delegates on Tuesday.

In terms of total delegates, Trump leads with 446. Cruz is in second at 347, Rubio is in third with 151, and Kasich trails with 54.

Democratic Primary Results

Sanders won in Michigan and gained 65 delegates in Michigan.

Clinton wasn’t far behind Sanders with the number of delegates in Michigan and gained 58.

Clinton was victorious in Mississippi, adding 29 delegates to Sanders’ 4.

For the night, Clinton walked away with more delegates at 87 compared to Sanders 69.

The total Democrat delegate count shows Clinton with a large lead 1,221 compared to Sanders 571.

On You Tube I provided some additional and analysis about the primary results.

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