Republican Candidates Hope To Narrow Trump’s Lead in Primary Contests; Sanders Hopes To Slow Clinton’s Momentum

Today several U.S. states will hold primaries to nominate presidential candidates in both Democratic and Republican Parties.

On the Republican side 4 U.S. states including Idaho, Hawaii, Michigan, and Mississippi, are holding primaries on Tuesday with 150 delegates up for grabs.

Donald Trump is leading the Republican nominee with 384 delegates but Ted Cruz has narrowed his lead in recent days and only trails by 84 delegates with 300 delegates followed by Rubio at 151 and Kasich at 37.

Only two states, Michigan and Mississippi, will hold primary contests for Democrats on Tuesday with 166 delegates up for grabs.

Clinton leads Sanders in the delegate count by a margin of 1,130 to 499 and has received a boost with Super delegates.

I  added some of my own video commentary on You Tube (see below) about Tuesday’s primary contests.

I hope to add more video commentary and reporting on a variety of topics in the days ahead.




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