Trump Called Out Over Outsourcing Trump Clothing, Trump University Defrauding Case

Republican presidential nominees met in Detroit last night for a Fox News debate just two days after the pivotal Super Tuesday primaries across the United States saw Republican billionaire Donald Trump widen his delegate lead over the other candidates.

Earlier on Thursday, Mitt Romney offered a stinging critique of Donald Trump from the University of Utah and gave a series of reasons that Trump is not suited to become president.

During the debate on Thursday night in Detroit, unpredictable Trump went down a path that no other candidate has traveled and defended the size of his hands which Marco Rubio had claimed in the past was small and then made some reference about guaranteeing his penis size was not small.

“And he referred to my hands, if they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there is no problem. I guarantee” Trump said.

Trump has managed to feed off the anti-establishment anger and come out in the past swinging hard against U.S. trade deals that have led to an exodus of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Trump insisted during the debate that America has to redo trade deals “100 percent” and boasted that he had the greatest business people in the world lined up to do it.

Hypocritical Trump

Marco Rubio called out Trump for his hypocrisy after reminding the audience that Trump clothing is made overseas in countries with cheaper labor costs.

During his campaign, Trump has been highly critical of U.S. companies including Apple that have outsourced manufacturing jobs. He has pledged to fight for American jobs and bring back those outsourced jobs.

“He can start tonight by announcing that all the Donald Trump clothing will no longer be made in China and in Mexico, but will be made here in the United States” Rubio said.

Trump was caught like a deer in headlights but blamed his business decision to ship factory jobs to lower cost countries on the devaluation of other currencies against the U.S. dollar.

“They devalue their currencies, and they make it impossible for clothing-makers in this country to do clothing in this country. And if you look at what’s happened on Seventh Avenue, and you look at what’s happened in New York with the garment industry, so much of the clothing now comes out from Vietnam, China, and other places. And it’s all because of devaluation” Trump said.

Ted Cruz was questioned about his brand of conservatism not reaching the top spot in the primaries elections so far.

Cruz offered a critical rebuke of President Obama’s policies and then showed off his conservative stripes by claiming that if elected president, he will repeal “every word” of Obamacare, pull back the regulators that are” killing” small businesses, pass a simple flat tax, and then abolish the IRS.

Anti-Government Trump

Trump spoke along similar anti-government lines as Ted Cruz after he was told by moderator Chris Wallace that his proposed tax cut would add $10 trillion to the nation’s debt over 10 years, even if the economy grows the way he said it would under his leadership.

Trump said that he would make up for a good deal of that by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse in the government.

When asked specifically what departments he would like to scale back, Trump later admitted “every single agency” after listing off a host of government agencies.

“Department of Education. We’re cutting Common Core. We’re getting rid of Common Core. We’re bringing education locally. Department of Environmental Protection. We are going to get rid are of it in almost every form. We’re going to have little tidbits left but we’re going to take a tremendous amount out” Trump said.

“We have various other things. If you look at the IRS, if you look at every single agency, we can cut it down, and I mean really cut it down and save. The waste, fraud, and abuse is massive” Trump added.

Moderator Chris Wallace told Trump that his numbers don’t add up and cited the $544 billion deficit.

Wallace pointed out that Trump falsely claims he could save Medicare $300 billion a year negotiating lower drug prices but in truth the Medicare total only spends $78 billion a year on drugs.

Trump said that “saving through negotiation throughout the economy”, will save $300 billion a year but provided no further explanation about how this would actually play out.

Defrauding At Trump University

Fox Moderator Megyn Kelly questioned Trump about the Trump University lawsuit that involves students suing Trump for their money back after the Better Business Bureau gave Trump University a D- rating and a judge compared Trump to Bernie Madoff.

Trump replied,  “The only reason that is was a “D” was because we didn’t care — we didn’t give them the information.”

Moderator Kelly reminded Trump that  one-third of the plaintiffs in that case demanded refunds and there is a class-action of over 5,000 plaintiffs against him “involving teachers,  and it involves so-called little guys, working class, and lower- working class and middle class who say that they were fleeced, who say that it was as scam.”

Trump explained that it was pending litigation.

Marco Rubio also criticized Trump for his shady business dealing with Trump University and said that he spoke to some victims.

Rubio brought up another questionable defrauding business that Trump was associated with in Mexico.

“He has defrauding people out of things, and not just — and not just, by the way, on the issue of Trump University. He had another development in Mexico that he had nothing to do with except his name on the building. People put money into that building” Rubio said.

Trump explained that it involved licensing.

Rubio replied, “They lost their money. Yes, licensing, but you told them you owned the building. So they gave him his money. They lost their money.”





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