Romney Expected To Criticize Trump, Speak About 2016 Presidential Race

Influential Republican Mitt Romney who was a Republican presidential nominee in 2008 will give a speech today about the 2016 presidential race at the University of Utah that is expected to be critical of Republican font runner Donald Trump and appeal to mainstream Republicans to resist Trump as the preferred candidate.

Romney is a seasoned politician as a former governor of Massachusetts and played a leadership role in the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Some Republican establishment supporters are disappointed that Romney didn’t run for president during this election season and remain nervous about the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican nominee and hope to sway opinion ahead of the March 15th primary in Florida.

Romney has been critical of Trump in the past and called out the brash billionaire to release his tax returns which Trump has been reluctant to do.

Today Romney is a expected to call Trump a “phony” and “fraud’ and offer Republicans another take on the leading Republican candidate who leads in the delegate count but sparks new controversies each new week ranging from his reluctance to distance himself from a political endorsement by KKK leader David Duke to his verbal spat with the Pope and Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

Trump came out critical of Romney on Twitter today and tweeted, “Teaching the GOP how to lose four years ago was not enough. Now Romney wants to do it again.”

Trump has risen to the top in the Republican race as an anti-establishment candidate with no previous political experience by gaining the support of angry Americans with his grandiose ideas about building a large wall across the 1,933 U.S.-Mexico border, banning Muslims, and deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Trump speaks in mantra terms about making America great again with claims of bringing home American manufacturing jobs and rejecting special interest groups.

Calling NAFTA a “disaster” on CNN last June, Trump said “Mexico is smart and have out negotiated us.”

He also maintains the World Trade Organization has failed America.

“We have been too afraid to protect and advance American interests and to challenge China to live up to its obligations. We need smart negotiators who will serve the interests of American workers – not Wall Street insiders that want to move U.S. manufacturing and investment offshore” Trump wrote on his website.

Trump has also come out against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with 11 Asian countries and wrote that he would bring China to the negotiating table by immediately declaring it a currency manipulator, lower the tax code to 15 percent, deploy the U.S. military “appropriately” in the East and South China Seas, and “attack” America’s national debt.

All of those ambitious goals will require bipartisan support on Capitol Hill and face an uphill battle to be supported.

Trump has decided to end his Fox News protest and will attend tonight’s debate sponsored by Fox News. After Ben Carson declared that he “doesn’t see a path forward” and won’t participate in tonight’s debate, there will only be 4 Republican candidates on stage.


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