Clinton And Trump Widen Front-Runner Status In Super Tuesday Primaries

Super Tuesday nomination results are pouring in and so far Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are expanding their state wins and delegate counts.

Here are the latest preliminary results from the associated press as of 2:40 a.m. eastern standard time.

Trump has increased his delegate lead over the other Republican challengers.

Trump has 274 delegates to Cruz’s 149, Rubio’s 82, Kasich’s 25, and Carson’s 8.

Trump won in at least 7 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont.

Ted Cruz  won in 2 states: Oklahoma, and Texas.  Cruz won 57 delegates in Texas.

Marco Rubio won in Minnesota.

There are 1,237 delegates needed to secure a Republican nomination.

Clinton Gains Momentum, Increases Delegate Count

Clinton widened her delegate lead over Sanders by a significant margin and has 1,001 delegates compared to Sanders’ 371.

There are 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

Clinton won in 7 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts,  Tennessee, Virginia, and Texas.

Sanders won in 4 states including Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

Addressing a crowd of supporters in Florida, Clinton congratulated Sanders on his strong campaign and said that the country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top.

Clinton wasted little time aiming at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump whose motto Make America Great Again suggests that America is no longer a great country.

“Not just the people who look one way, worship one way, or even think one way. America prospers when we all prosper. America is strong when we’re all strong. And we know we’ve got work to do. But, that work, that work is not to make America great again. America never stopped being great” Clinton said.

Clinton explained that we have to make America whole and fill in what’s been hallowed out.

“Instead of building walls we’re going to break down barriers and build … build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every American can live up to his or her potential, because then and only then can America live up to its full potential too” Clinton said.

Admitting that the stakes in the election have never been higher and the rhetoric on the other side has never been lower, Clinton made it clear that “trying to divide” America between “us and them” is wrong and we’re not going to let it work.

Trump The Unifier

Calling himself a “unifier” Republican nominee Donald Trump is the anti-establishment billionaire who has taken some controversial positions about illegal immigration and a host of other issues.

Trump supports a policy of deporting  11 million illegal immigrants that also allows the “good ones” to come back in the country. He claims that as president he’ll build a border wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and somehow make Mexico pay for its costly construction.

Trump has also called for a ban of Muslims entering the United States following the terrorist attack in Paris.

Trump’s latest controversy this week concerns him taking a long time to repudiate the political endorsement from David Duke, a leader of the white supremacist group KKK, when questioned on CNN’s State Of The Union.

During the interview, Trump played dumb and said he didn’t know David Duke, a widely known public figure.

Trump replied, “I know anything about what you’re talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.”

Trump was also reluctant and slow to unequivocally condemn the white supremacy groups that have endorsed him as a Republican nominee.

Trump’s repudiation of Duke’s support didn’t occur until the next day after he faced widespread criticism, even from fellow Republicans such as Republican House Speaker Paul Paul Ryan who said on Tuesday that a GOP nominee must reject bigotry.


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