Cruz and Clinton Gain Victories In Iowa Caucuses; Clinton Has Nearly Even Finish With Sanders

Ted Cruz was victorious on Monday night capturing a win among Iowa Republican caucus voters over Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in a surprising win while Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton finished nearly even with Democrat Bernie Sanders but managed  to win slightly more votes and walked away at the end of the night with one more delegate.

With 100 percent of the votes tallied Hilary Clinton received 700 caucus votes (50 percent) to Sanders 695 (50 percent), according to the latest update from Fox Election Headquarters.

Clinton will receive 22 delegates, just one more than Sanders 21 delegates.

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley decided to end his bid for the Democratic nomination and is officially ending his campaign.

Republican Caucus

With 99 percent of the votes tallied Ted Cruz came out ahead and received 51, 649 votes or 28 percent (8 delegates) compared to Donald Trump’s 45, 416 votes or 24 percent (7 delegates) and Marco Rubio’s 43,132 votes or 23 percent (7 delegates).

Ben Carson finished fourth with 17,393 votes or 9 percent (3 delegates) and Rand Paul finished fifth with 8, 478 votes or 5 percent (1 delegate).

Jeb Bush came in sixth with 5,235 votes or 3 percent (1 delegate).

The other Republican challengers failed to gain any delegates.

Mike Huckabee announced that he is officially ending his presidential bid for the Republican nomination. 

Unlike 2008 Clinton is Victorious in Iowa As Attention Shifts To New Hampshire

In 2008 Hilary Clinton’s campaign lost momentum in Iowa and Barack Obama came from behind to win the Democrat caucus in Iowa.

In this election season, Bernie Sanders has come from way behind in the polls to narrow Hilary Clinton’s advantage during recent weeks.

But the 2016 Iowa caucus results were different for Clinton who finished with a one delegate advantage over Sanders and didn’t lose as she did in 2008.

Clinton and Sanders will prepare for the New Hampshire Primary in one week on Tuesday February 9th.

Clinton continues to show weakness among younger Americans compared to Sanders.

In Monday’s Iowa Caucus, Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders captured 70 percent of the under 30 population with his vocal grass roots message of opposing Wall Street, tacking inequality, campaign finance reform, revamping healthcare, taxing the rich, and providing free college tuition.

Clinton is a seasoned politician who isn’t as left leaning with her policies.

She is less adversarial towards Wall Street, the financial community, and appeals more to older Americans.

Upcoming Presidential Race Calendar in February

Saturday- February 6th- Republican Presidential Debate sponsored by ABC News/IJ Review

Tuesday- February 9th- New Hampshire Primary (Democrat and Republican)

Thursday- February 11th- PBS Democratic Presidential Debate

Saturday- February 13th- CBS News Republican Presidential Debate

Saturday- February 20th- Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucuses, South Carolina Republican Primary, Washington Republican Presidential Caucuses

Tuesday- February 23rd- Nevada-Republican Presidential Caucuses

Thursday- February 25th- CNN/Telemundo/Salem Radio Republican Debate

Saturday- February 27th- South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary









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