Latest CNN/ORC Poll Shows Trump And Sanders Ahead in Iowa

The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary will begin in early February and a new released poll from CNN/ORC  taken recently in Iowa shows that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both hold leads among the other presidential candidates in their parties.

The poll was conducted by phone from January 15-20th among 2,002 adult Iowans.

The sample includes 266 Iowans who were likely to participate in the Republican presidential caucus and 280 who were likely to participate in the Democrat presidential caucus.

When asked which Republican candidate are they most likely to support, Trump came out ahead with 37 percent, up from 33 percent when the last poll was taken from November 28-December 6th 2015.

Ted Cruz came in second with 26 percent, up from 20 percent during the last poll.

Marco Rubio came in third with 14 percent, up from 11 percent during the last poll.

Ben Carson came in fourth but his poll numbers took a hit.

Carson gained 6 percent, down from 16 percent during the last poll.

Jeb Bush came in fifth with 3 percent, down from 4 percent during the last poll.

Mike Huckabee tied Bush for fifth with 3 percent, up from 2 percent during the last poll.

Rand Paul came in sixth with 2 percent, down from 3 percent during the last poll.

There was a 4 way tie for 1 percent among John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and Rick Santorum.

The Iowa caucus is set for Monday February followed by the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday February 9th.

Democratic Presidential Poll

When asked which presidential candidate they are most likely to support among Democrats, Sanders overtook Clinton for the lead among polled Iowans, based on the January 15-20th poll.

Sanders came in first with 51 percent, up from 36 percent during the last poll taken from Nov. 28th-December 6th.

Clinton came in second with 43 percent, down from 54 percent during the last poll.

O’Malley came in third with 4 percent, matching the last poll result of 4 percent.

Sanders is way ahead of Clinton in recent New Hampshire polls.

Sanders appeals more to the  younger generation with his ambitious Democratic socialist views that includes free college tuition, expanding Medicare to all Americans, expanding social security, re-building America’s infrastructure, and creating 1 million jobs for disadvantaged youths.

Sanders’ proposals will ultimately cost trillions.

So far Sanders has offered tax plans that targets Wall Street and corporate America, closes corporate tax loopholes, and increases the tax rate to 50 percent from 39.6 percent for top American earners making $400,000.

Sanders would also like to nearly double taxes on capital gains and dividends for the wealthiest two percent of Americans.

During the last Democratic debate, Sanders criticized Clinton for taking Wall Street campaign donations and said he wants to resurrect Glass-Steagall legislation while breaking up the financial institutions.

“They have too much economic power and they have too much financial power over our entire economy. If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, the old Republican trust buster, what he would say is these guys are too powerful” Sanders said.

Clinton responded by pointing out that President Obama took on Wall Street with the Dodd-Frank Bill which she called “one of the most important regulatory schemes we’ve had since the 1930’s” and later reminded the audience that Sanders voted to deregulate the financial market in 2000.

Clinton is attempting to reach out more to the younger generation and held a campaign rally yesterday in Iowa City with 23 year old pop star Demi Lovato.




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