Chinese Manufacturing Weakens In January; Crude Oil Retreats

January 31, 2016 0

Asian shares are under pressure and facing choppy trading on Monday following the release of official Chinese manufacturing data for January that weakened and showed further contraction. Crude oil is slumping on Monday with U.S. (Nymex) March futures down – […]

Tech Earnings In Focus This Week; The Week Ahead

January 24, 2016 0

Asian shares are moving higher in trading and crude oil is nudging slightly higher after whipsaw action last week saw crude prices dropping to $26.19 in trading on Wednesday, a low not seen since April 2003, followed […]

Latest CNN/ORC Poll Shows Trump And Sanders Ahead in Iowa

January 22, 2016 0

The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary will begin in early February and a new released poll from CNN/ORC  taken recently in Iowa shows that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both hold leads among the other presidential candidates in their parties. The […]

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