Trump Insults Former U.S. President Bill Clinton; Gets Called An “Equal Opportunity Insulter”

amoAfter Democrat presidential candidate Hilary Clinton received a recent endorsement in her campaign from her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump wasted little time insulting the former U.S. president and associating him with sexism on twitter, just days after his own use of “schlonged” when describing Hilary’s 2008 nomination loss to Obama led to criticism for its sexist and vulgar undertones.

Trump tweeted that former President Clinton has demonstrated a “penchant for sexism, so inappropriate!” in a recent tweet.

Trump has established a penchant of his own for making controversial statements over a wide range of topics varying from his inflammatory description of Mexican immigrants, his widely criticized ban on Muslims entering the U.S., his “blood coming out of her” comment about Fox Host Megyn Kelly, and his latest bizarre attack on Hilary Clinton for taking a bathroom break in the last Democrat debate, a move which he called “too disgusting.”

Despite it all, Trump tweeted that he will do “far more” for woman than female presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and also keep the country safe, even as his own popular support among women lags behind Clinton in polls.

Trump has referred to Rosie O’Donnell as a “big fat pig” and another time as a “disgusting pig” when she was the cohost and moderator of The View.

He also criticized Huffington Post Editor Arianna Huffington, saying that “she is a dog who wrongfully comments on me.”

Following Trump’s latest “schlonged” comment, Hilary Clinton responding by criticizing Trump for using sexist language against her on the campaign trail.

“Nothing really surprises me anymore. I don’t know that he has any boundaries at all. And his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign” Clinton said at an Iowa campaign rally.

Democrat Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz echoed that sentiment when she was interviewed on NBC’s Meet The Press that aired on Sunday.

“My assessment of Donald Trump’s candidacy is that he’s been an equal opportunity insulter. He has engaged in some of the most vulgar invective and rhetoric and really brought this presidential campaign, its tone and where the debate is on the other side of the aisle, to the lowest steps I’ve ever seen in a presidential campaign” Wasserman Schulz said.

“Trump is doing well because this is where the Republican party of today is” Wasserman Schulz admitted.

“They embrace defunding Planned Parenthood. They don’t believe in equal pay for equal work. They don’t believe that we should make sure that women have an opportunity to make their own healthcare choices” Wasserman Schulz added.

Although Trump has made billions in the business world and understands business principles, he has zero foreign policy experience and his earlier comments about U.S. foreign policy in Syria that includes him advocating for Russia taking the lead fighting ISIS in Syria while voicing support to Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised eyebrows, shows naiveté, and should concern the U.S.’s Arab partners in the region along with Israel.

Trump’s foreign policy philosophy and doctrine shows support for Russian President Vladimir Putin who invaded Ukraine in 2014 and stands accused of jailing and killing journalists.

Vladimir Putin has praised Donald Trump, calling the Republican presidential candidate “brilliant” and “talented” in public.

Trump said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he was pleased that Russian President Vladimir Putin had praised him.

Trump Criticizing Western European Leaders

Yesterday Trump criticized Western Europe’s leaders related to a new terror warning, calling them “weak” and questioned at what point do we say we’ve had enough and get really tough and smart.

Despite his controversial statements and foreign policy inexperience, Trump continues to lead the other Republican candidates in a latest poll.

In a CNN/ORC poll released on 12/23/15 Trump has a +18.7 percent spread advantage over Ted Cruz.

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