Greek Prime Minister Tsipras Speaks Defiantly Before Parliament, Calls For Debt Relief

greeceGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke defiantly today before parliament in Athens and accused its international creditors of trying to “humiliate” Greece just two days after negotiations between the two sides broke down.

Tsipras said that the ECB is insisting on financial “strangulation” for Greece which is on the verge of a sovereign default without a new bailout deal received in approaching weeks.

According to recent updates from AFP newswire, Tsipras said that the IMF has “criminal” responsibility for the damage caused by Greece’s austerity programs and called for debt relief.

Tsipras asked that its European creditors to reexamine the IMF’s policies.

“The time has come for the IMF’s policies to be judged not just by us but especially by Europe” Tsipras said.

-Johnathan Schweitzer

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