Apple Music, Revamped iTunes Radio Unveiled At Apple’s Developer’s Conference

aapAt Apple’s Developer’s Conference yesterday Apple announced a new music service that will help the Cupertino company to better compete and expand its entertainment and media offerings to consumers at a time when Pandora and Spotify have made inroads in the music streaming business and other media companies are looking to stream video content over the Internet as an alternative to traditional cable packages.

Apple debuted Apple Music, a $9.99 monthly music streaming service that will launch on June 30th and give listeners immediate access to Apple’s voluminous Apple Music Library that has millions of music tracks from popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Jason Derulio.

Family plans are $14.99 per month.

As an Apple Music member you can add anything from the Apple Music library such as a song, an album, or a video and bring it into  your collection.

You can create a playlist, save it for offline listening, and take it on the road.

There is also a social media component that lets you to post your favorite playlists, albums, and videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Messages.

If you are using Apple Music on iOS, you can ask Siri to locate songs or albums, such as the top songs from 1989.

iTunes Radio

The music app will also let you to listen to free streaming radio stations with a revamped  iTunes radio that works on  Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

iTunes radio is similar to Pandora with its streaming stations that can be genre specific but also have DJ curated ones.

iTunes radio can build stations around artists, songs, or genres you select.

You can also make adjustments on the go such as tapping “play more like this” or “never play this song”.

iTunes radio includes First Plays, an option that allows you to listen to selected albums before buying them.

iTunes Radio will also offer news stories from media outlets such as New York Times or ESPN.

iTunes Radio is ad free with iTunes Match which costs $24.99 a year and lets you to store your stations in iCloud and play music on multiple devices.

iTunes Match allows you to store your entire collection in iCloud, even music you have imported from CD’s or purchased from other locations besides iTunes.

You can store up to 25,000 songs in iCloud and even more if they are purchased from iTunes.

But only what you play or download is stored on your device.

By tapping the iCloud download button you can access a large music library without having to be concerned about storage space on your device.

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