Apple In Talks To Launch Web TV Service In September: WSJ

apple tvApple’s long awaited plans to expand Apple T.V. are finally beginning to take shape.

The Wall St. Journal reported late on Monday that Apple is in talks with programmers to offer a slimmed down bundle of T.V. networks in September after first announcing the details of the new T.V. service in June.

The service will be available on all Apple devices operating on Apple’s iOS operating system and is expected to cost between $30-40 dollars per month.

Apple will launch around 25 channels from major broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, and Fox.

NBC Universal won’t be included in the lineup of broadcasters due to a falling out between Apple and NBC Universal parent company Comcast Corp.

The Wall St. Journal reported that Apple will offer consumers a “skinny” bundle with popular channels such as CBS, ESPN, and FX  while leaving out many smaller networks in a standard cable T.V. package.

Apple is also in talks with media companies such as Walt Disney Co., CBS Corp., and 21st Century Fox Inc.

On March 9th at a tech event called “Spring Forward” Apple announced a new partnership with HBO, the world’s most successful pay TV service, and it lowered the price of its Apple T.V. to $69.00.

A new standalone service called HBO NOW will exclusively debut next month on Apple TV, making a streaming only subscription directly available to Apple customers for the first time costing $14.99 per month without a cable or satellite subscription.

Last week the Wall St. Journal reported that Sony Corp. plans to rollout its own U.S. streaming service called PlayStation Vue by the end of the year.

PlayStation Vue will be used with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 game console and is expected to cost more than Apple’s new T.V. service.

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