An Early Preview Of iPhone 6 and iWatch

6phoneRumors are swirling ahead of Apple’s September 9th media event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA that will feature live streaming for a captive tech audience waiting anxiously to discover the latest details of Apple’s newest iPhone 6.

Some of the more credible rumors about the iPhone 6 describe Apple releasing 2 new larger sizes for the iPhone 6, including a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen size that is noticeably thinner than the iPhone 5 S.

The 5.5 inch version is believed to be called the iPhone 6L.

Consumer demand is largely driving the shift to a bigger screen size as more cell phone users are reading and viewing online material with a strong preference for a larger screen size that is already found on Samsung’s cell phone devices.

Questions are being raised about whether Apple’s production issues will allow the 4.7 and 5.5 inch devices to be released at the same time.

There  is a possibility that the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 will be released first in mid-September followed by the 5.5 inch version at a later date.

But Apple may have resolved some of their production issues ahead of the September 9th media event and release both versions of the iPhone 6 together.

Some of the returning design features that are expected to be found on the iPhone 6 include the touch ID fingerprint sensor that is already available on the iPhone 5S.

One of new design changes with the iPhone 6 includes longer pill shaped volume control buttons with the power button on the right side of the phone instead of the top.

Sapphire crystal, a highly durable material, is expected to be found on at least one version of the iPhone 6, likely the higher end 5.5 inch model that is believed to carry a higher price at $299.00  with a contract versus $199.00 for the 4.7 inch version which also carries a contact.

The UK’s Telegraph recently cited Trendforce’s LEDinside analysts who noted that sapphire crystal does not appear to have been sent to manufacturing factories ahead of the expected September launch and disappointing low yields of the material mean that although the material could be used for the displays in later versions, the launch model will use another reinforced form of glass.

However, some other sources claim that Apple has enough sapphire crystal for both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch versions.

The jury is still out with this one.

Concerning the camera in the iPhone 6, the more expensive 5.5 inch version is rumored to have optical image stabilization while the 4.7 inch is expected to have 8 or 13 megapixels, according to macrumors.

The iPhone 6 is believed to have a 64 bit A8 processor with 128 GB storage capacity.

It will also have NFC integration, allowing Apple users to utilize Apple’s soon to be released mobile payment solution which comes after Apple signed new deals with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa for mobile payments.

Bank Innovation reported just last week that Nordstrom is in talks to be one of Apple’s earliest merchant partners with more on the way.


Apple is also expected to release their new iWatch wearables at the September 9th media event in Cupertino.

Some sources believe that the iWatch will be curved with a possible flexible built in OLED screen while other sources have given other design suggestions.

The iWatch is rumored to utilize messaging and e-mail functions, access to Apple maps, the ability to communicate with Siri on the go (“gasp”), and Health Kit for iOS8, a dashboard of your health data and a new tool for developers, allowing health and fitness apps to work together.

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