Bipartisan Senate Bill Expected To Be Delivered Soon

niiHouse majority Republicans failed on Tuesday to receive enough support to move their own budget proposal to the Senate and are now running out of steam to counter the bipartisan Senate bill that is expected to be headed to the House floor on Wednesday for approval to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

With recent polls showing Congressional approval levels at record lows at a time when most of the federal government is still shut down and the debt ceiling is only one day away, the stakes are high for House Republicans to oppose the bipartisan Senate bill that allows the government to increase its borrowing authority to pay down its Congressional authorized debts and re-open the government.

Fiscal Battle

War-like language was used on Tuesday by Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) when describing Tuesday’s fiscal battle that erupted on Capitol Hill.

“Extremist Republicans in the House are attempting to torpedo the Senate’s bipartisan progress,” Reid said on Tuesday from the Senate floor.

House Speaker Boehner called the Senate budget proposal a “hand grenade” and told his conference on Tuesday morning that he would “rather throw a grenade than catch a grenade.”

Since House Republicans failed to receive enough support for their budget proposal to advance in the House, they have run out of ammunition to fight against the bipartisan bill that is fast approaching from the Senate.

House Speaker Boehner will soon have to decide whether he should allow for the passage and vote of the Senate bill that many conservative Republicans could outright oppose.

If House Speaker Boehner allows for the passage of the Senate bipartisan bill for a House vote, there will likely be enough votes from House Democrats and moderate House Republicans to approve the bipartisan Senate bill and end the budget impasse.

However, a move by Speaker Boehner to bring the bipartisan Senate bill to the House floor could alienate him from the vocal conservative base in the Republican party.

Fitch Ratings warned on Tuesday that it may cut the United States’ AAA credit rating as U.S. politicians struggle to reach a fiscal compromise and the debt ceiling draws ever closer.





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