Early Italian exit polls show Bersani is on track to win

pollsPrelieminary exit polls from Italy’s election show that center-left Democratic  leader Pier Luigi Bersani moved ahead of Silvio Berlusconi to become the next premier, according to a SkyTG24 Tecne poll.

Bersani is positioned to win a majority of 340 seats in the Lower House and at least 156 seats in the Senate.

In the Senate, Bersani picked up around 156 seats and appears to be on track towards reaching the majority of 158 seats that are needed to win.

Bersani’s centre-left coalition received 37% of the Upper House seats.

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi received 31%  of the seats.

Beppe Grillo, leader of the 5-Star Movement, was able to get 17% of the Senate’s seats while Mario Monti’s party received 9% of the seats.

Mario Monti is poised to win 21 seats in the upper house.

A Monti victory will allow him to work with Bersani’s coalition towards continuing the austerity reforms that are supported by Germany and Brussels.

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