Countdown To The U.S. Presidential Election

As both U.S. presidential candidates make their final campaign push into the late night hours across key battleground states with the presidential election looming only 24 hours away, closing statements are being heard amid packed arenas with promises from each candidate that they are the real candidate for change.

After hearing about contrasting viewpoints during the presidential debates about the types of economic policies that are needed to grow the American economy, a crucially important topic in the minds of voters this election season,  Americans are still deeply divided over many of the wider issues related to the size of the government, the health-care system, the looming “fiscal cliff”, and creating a sustainable economic climate for businesses to thrive in America.

Looking back at the presidential campaign season from the early days of the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida which saw Mitt Romney appealing to his conservative base in his Republican Party, boldly citing his experience at Bain Capital, to a more recent nuanced and moderate presentation of his policies during the presidential debates in October where he distanced himself from his past experiences at Bain Capital and concentrated instead on his five point economic plan, it is clear that Romney knows how to change his tune and appeal to more voters.

Absent from the presidential debates was any mention of Romney’s notably liberal record as a Republican governor which included among other things a statewide health-care model in Massachusetts which did increase insurance costs while ensuring that 98 percent of the population across the state was insured. 

Romney’s state-wide health care model, with its layers of socialistic medicine woven through its inner core, provided some of the blueprint and inspiration for a national health-care model known today as Obamacare.

Most true conservatives also understand that Romney was pro-choice for many years before he first ran for the presidency in 2007, at which time he “changed his position” to pro-life because he was seeking the votes of conservatives.

Romney also supported gay rights as governor of Massachusetts by enacting same-sex marriage through executive decree.

None of those facts were even discussed or covered in the presidential debates or used to challenge Romney’s often cited reputation of “flip flopping” with his political views.

It Is About The Economy

Although health-care, abortion, and same-sex marriage are important issues during the upcoming presidential election season, the majority of Americans will vote on Tuesday based on how they believe a future presidential candidate will impact their own wallets in the years  ahead.

Creating more well paying jobs for Americans ranks high on the list of “things they want a president to do” during the next four years.

Romney and conservatives in the Republican Party have often criticized President Obama for failing to bring the unemployment to 6%, a level that he allegedly claimed to do in 2009. 

However, numerous independent fact-checkers and news outlets have repeatedly emphasized that President Obama never said that he would lower the unemployment level to 6%.

The 6% figure comes from a report prepared weeks before the President took office and before economists even knew the full magnitude and depths of the economic recession.

While it is true that today the unemployment level still remains in the 7% range just ahead of the presidential election on Tuesday, the latest U.S. payroll figures from last week show that the total number of American jobs is slightly higher since President Obama took office in January 2009.

The latest Department of Labor figures released last week and cited in this Wall St. Journal online blog show the total number of payroll jobs at 133.8 million which is an increase of 194,000 from January 2009.

Total payrolls are up by 580,000 since January 2009 and private payrolls are up 1.2 million.



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