How Paul Ryan Will Shakeup The U.S. Presidential Election

Republican VP candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (Rep. Wisconsin)
Republican VP candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (Rep. Wisconsin)

Norfolk, Virginia

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced on Saturday that he has selected Wisconsin Congressional Rep. Paul Ryan, Chairman of the Budget Committee, to join him on his presidential ticket which now removes the focus of the presidential debate away from Democrats’ campaign attacks on allegations of Romney’s tax evasion amnesty and instead places more emphasis on the political ideologies that separate the two competing platforms.

Paul Ryan stands for a brand of conservative politics that are rooted in Ayn Rand’s libertarian philosophy and literary writings including  “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.”

Ryan called Rand an inspiration to his own political life in the New Yorker.

Some Americans know about Paul Ryan from his work last summer in the Republican controlled Congress during the debt ceiling debacle and remember the actions he took to promote his 2013 federal budget plan, released in March called “The Ryan Plan” or “Path to Prosperity” which vows to cut spending by $5 trillion over the next decade, compared to Obama’s budget plan. 

Ryan has actually written two budgets, both of them passed by the House but failed to receive passage by the Democrat controlled Senate.

Ryan’s plan keeps tax rates low while reducing spending and reforming entitlement programs.

Ryan’s plan lowers the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, reduces the individual tax rate to two individual taxes rates of  10% and 25%.

To make up for the lost tax revenues, Ryan says he would close some tax loopholes.

Ryan’s budget calls for eliminating scheduled defense cuts by redirecting plans for 55 million in cuts in 2013 by forcing them to be trimmed elsewhere.

The “Ryan Plan” also gives seniors the option in a decade of receiving a government payment to purchase health insurance. The payment could be used to to buy a private insurance plan or else be used for a traditional Medicare plan.

Competing insurance plans would be required to provide a level of benefits that are at least as good as Medicare.

Democrats worry that the “Ryan’ plan” seeks to turn Medicare into a voucher program costing seniors thousands of dollars in order to fund tax breaks for the wealthy.

Democrats in the House and Senate have stood in direct opposition to Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan as well as other policies inspired from the strong conservative base in Ryan’s Republican party which caused political uproar during the debt ceiling standoff last summer, resulting in a credit downgrade for the United States.

The “Ryan Plan” specifically calls for spending 15 percent less on programs for the poor including food stamps, housing assistance, and the earned-income tax credit. The plan would spend 25 percent less on transportation and 6 percent less on general science, space, and technology. It would include 33 percent less spending on education, training, employment, and social services.

Romney-Ryan Ticket

By adding Ryan to his campaign ticket, Mitt Romney adds a strong conservative intellectual who adds more conservative substance to the Republican political lineup especially in the critical areas of taxation and spending where Ryan has gained considerable experience and knowledge.

Ryan is capable of inspiring the base of his Republican party while reach out to undecided independent voters who may hold some reservations about the inconsistencies with some of Romney’s earlier political views as governor of Massachusetts or the current direction of  Obama’s more liberal mined policies.

Ryan’s pro-life views about abortion and traditional marriage will also appeal to Catholics who already make up a large segment of the U.S. population.

Ryan and President Obama have butted head on several occasions in the past. Obama said that Paul Ryan is the architect of “social Darwinism”  which is in direct reference to his budget plan. 

Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, called Ryan “the architect of the radical Republican House budget” proposal, saying the “Ryan Plan” would end Medicare as we know it.

Ryan has fired back at Obama, saying that he has a “record of failure.”

“Higher unemployment, declining incomes and crushing debt is not a new normal. It is a result of misguided policies,” Ryan said.

Concerning the role of government and rights, Ryan explained, “Our rights come from nature and from God, not government.”




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