Slower Growth For China

The latest Chinese economic data released on Friday shows that China had the slowest period of economic growth in three years. China’s first quarter GDP growth rate was 8.1%, missing analysts’ estimates of 8.3%. It is the 5th consecutive quarter of slowing GDP growth for China. 

Declining Trend

During the 4Q of 2011, China posted a GDP of 8.9%.

3Q of 2011 was 9.1%, 2Q of 2011 was 9.5, and 1Q of 2011 was 9.7%.

Despite missing GDP estimates, shares in Asia rose on Friday based on the expectation that an economic bottom is forming and has already been reached in China. Speculation is building about the prospect of the Chinese government taking easing measures to help support growth.

Qu Hongbin, an analyst from HSBC, told Bloomberg that the recent slowdown with China’s economy calls for quantitative easing from the Chinese government. He said that an interest rate cut was not likely to occur until China’s (CPI) inflation rate falls below 3%. China is still on track to reach their 7.5% growth target for 2012.

United States

JP Morgan and Wells Fargo will both post their quarterly earnings results on Friday.

Shares of Google rose slightly in afterhours trading on Thursday following news that Google posted good earnings numbers. Google also announced plans for a stock split and future dividend. 

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