New i-Pad to be sold in stores today

new i-pad
On Friday Apple’s new i-Pad will be sold in stores across 10 countries. The new 9.7 inch Apple i-Pad has a beginning price tag of $499 for 16 GB and will sell higher with their 32GB  and 64 GB models.

Compared to the older i-Pad 2, some of the new features on the new i-Pad includes a faster processor, retina display technology similar to the technology found on Apple’s i-Phones, higher resolution display, enhanced color, longer battery life, 5 mega pixel camera with advanced optics, 1080 p HD video, and access to 4G LTE speed with a data plan from a wireless carrier. Verizon and AT& T will be the exclusive U.S. wireless carriers.

Demand is high for the new i-Pad, unofficially called the i-Pad 3. Apple has already seen extraordinary success with the first two versions of the i-Pad. Apple announced that their i-Pad 2 will sell for $100.00 lower at $399.00 with the 16 GB model.

2011 Stats and 2012 Expectations

IDC research group reported that 68.7 million tablets were shipped in 2011.

Apple sold 15.4 million i-Pads in the final quarter ending in 2011. During 2011, Apple sold 32 million i-Pads. Analysts from Canaccord Genuity anticipate 65.6 million i-Pads will be sold in 2012.

IDC expects 106 million tablets to be sold, 54% higher than the 88 million tablets that was first projected.

Apple’s i-Pads compete against Google’s Android tablets from other companies such as Samsung, Amazon, and Motorola. Microsoft is also expected to release their new tablet later in the year running the new Windows 8.

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