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Thanks for visiting my new website. I have chosen to create a new website for investors and traders who want more knowledge of financial issues and are interested in viewing real time stock quotes and global news headlines from  Sane Bull. I will pay Sane Bull’s monthly fee to avoid the annoying advertising pop ups on my website and in turn receive a premium stock market package that will provide you  with broader stock information that is free of distractions. Since this website is also a blog site, I will be offering some commentary with my news posts. I truly hope that you feel comfortable enough to participate in the blog dialogue if you are interested. This website is intended to help inform investors about the issues that impact the flow of money in and out of the global markets each day. Hopefully after viewing this website you will become more prepared with your investments.


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Welcome to Schweitz Finance. I hope that my financial website will provide you with relevant market information to help you manage your investments with greater clarity and insight.

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